"Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole"

                                                 Roger Caras

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Chéri enjoys training very much and it is my pleasure to work with her.


Vetrkovice 2012 152




Type of trial rules

Type of exam


12.10.2013 Vyšní Lhoty International trial rules Fpr2 - 95/100 Jan Macoszek
21.8.2013 Třinec International trial rules Fpr1 - 100/100 Jan Macoszek
8.5.2013 Frýdek-Místek National trial rules of KJ Brno ZPU1- 143/150 Jindřich Hon
27.4.2013 Vyšní Lhoty International trial rules IPO-V - 267/300 Jan Macoszek
4.11.2012 Horní Suchá National trial rules ZM - 128/150 Miroslava Tichá
20.10.2012 Havířov-Bludovice International trial rules BH - 55/60 MVDr. Stanislav Vodička
 8.9.2012 Vendome, Francie Sociability and controllability exam CSAU Philippe Heintz (F)
 8.9.2012 Vendome, Francie Herding instict test CANT Philippe Heintz (F)
24.6.2012 Česká Třebová National trial rules of KJ Brno ZOP - 97/100   Jindřich Hon
8.5.2012 Ludgeřovice National trial rules ZZO - 59/60  Miroslava Tichá